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GTt Strategies is a strategic advisory and investment firm focused on technology entrepreneurship in growth markets. We evaluate and identify creative and innovative ideas and provide them with access to early-stage venture capital. GTt also offers insights and perspectives about vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystems informed by a reliable network of talented and connected global entrepreneurs and investors.

With insights into government policy and on the ground experience in business and political enviroments, we also help our clients develop complex markets entry strategies, understand world politics and promote the effectiveness of start-up diplomacy as a new approach for a twenty-first century people-centered foreign policy.

Our team is composed of highly experienced professionals qualified to work at the intersection of a range of disciplines such us politics, economics, science and technology or international relations.

We are located in Madrid and in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, though we have a network of associates in a number of cities in Europe, the MENA region and Latin America. We are always capturing and developing talent, and so, we would be delighted to have you join us.

You can contact us by email or follow us on Twitter.

Our preferential clients are governments, public and private organizations, entrepreneurs and investors concerned by global challenges and the solutions offered by young skilled entrepreneurs across the planet. We strongly believe in their capabilities and their commitment to improve their communities and our world. GTStrategies connects them to collaborative partners who share their goals and vision.

We are responsive and look forward to exciting projects.

Technology to the power of talent.